Our Community

Provo, Utah, resonates deeply in our hearts, not merely for its scenic beauty, but for its vibrant, welcoming community. The shared spirit of kindness, unity, and respect that flows effortlessly amongst its residents makes it feel more like a large family than just a city. It's this profound sense of community that makes us hold Provo so dearly, reminding us every day why we truly love this place.

  • Local Bands

    The music scene in Provo is an integral part of the city's cultural fabric, reflecting its rich diversity and dynamism. Supporting local musicians not only enriches our community with an array of creative expressions but also fosters a sense of unity, as music transcends boundaries and brings people together. It is crucial that we cultivate and cherish this vibrant music scene, for it breathes life into Provo, making it not just a place to live, but a place to feel alive

  • Fight Hunger

    The hunger crisis is an increasingly pressing issue in Utah, with its effects rippling through our schools, impacting children's ability to learn and grow. Children who face food insecurity often struggle with focus and performance in school, as it's difficult to concentrate on academics when the basic necessity of nourishment is unmet. This not only hampers their educational progression but can also create long-term health and social issues. As Killer Spice continues to grow, we are passionately committed to leveraging our success to combat the struggles of hunger, ensuring that every child in Utah has the opportunity to thrive in a healthy, conducive learning environment.

  • Killer Philanthropy

    As Killer Spice continues to flourish, our aspirations extend beyond the realm of business growth; we yearn to utilize our success as a platform for philanthropy and community action. We believe that our prosperity should reverberate throughout our community, helping to uplift those in need. From addressing the hunger crisis to supporting local music and arts, our mission is to contribute significantly to the communal tapestry of Provo. Our vision is not just about spicing up meals, but also about spicing up lives, by fostering a thriving, supportive community where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.