Calvin Chan

Calvin Chan, a culinary school graduate, chef at the forbes 4-star restaurant, Sundance Resort. Calvin studied at Utah Valley University and was awarded Gold in his ACF Competition. He also competed in student chef of the year, he developed unique flavors, aroma, and molecular gastronomy. Chan's "Killer Spice" blend gain significant popularity in many restaurants menu and the culinary community. He is eager to introduce his exceptional spice blend to the public.

The Business

Arlene Dominguez

Arlene Dominguez is an accomplished business graduate with a deep-rooted passion for food. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to partner with Chef Calvin and together creating the now-iconic Killer Spice brand. Arlene's business acumen and Calvin's culinary expertise proved to be a powerful combination, revolutionizing the spice industry. Their brand is renowned for its innovative approach to flavors, making Killer Spice a household name and a symbol of culinary innovation. Arlene's strategic vision and marketing skills have been instrumental in evolving Killer Spice from a kitchen experiment to a delectable dish accessible to all.

Killer Spice


Killer Spice has surged in popularity, not only for its innovative and unique spice blends but also for resonating deeply with new generations of food enthusiasts. This brand has successfully tapped into the growing global passion for culinary exploration and experimentation. By offering bold, creative flavors, Killer Spice has become more than just a product; it's a symbol of the adventurous spirit in modern cooking. Its appeal lies in its ability to connect with younger audiences who seek authenticity and creativity in their culinary experiences. Through engaging marketing and a keen understanding of contemporary food trends, Killer Spice has positioned itself as a brand that is both forward-thinking and deeply connected to the evolving tastes and values of new generations.

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