Calvin Chan | Co-Owner

Calvin Chan, originally from Hong Kong, moved to the United States at the age of 10, bringing with him an intense passion for food. Today, alongside his partner Arlene, he co-owns the renowned culinary venture, Killer Spice. As a skilled Chef de partie at Sundance Mountain Resort, Calvin showcases his exceptional culinary skills and infuses his dishes with a diverse range of flavors and techniques. In addition to his role at Sundance Mountain Resort, Calvin's entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-own Killer Spice with Arlene. Together, they have built a thriving business that celebrates their shared love for food and culinary innovation.

Arlene Dominguez | Co-Owner

Arlene, a first-generation American born in California, has turned her lifelong passion for food into a successful business. Together with her partner, they own and operate Killer Spice, a renowned culinary venture. From humble beginnings, they overcame challenges to build their business from scratch. Arlene's culinary talent and innovation have been recognized through participation in various championships. Infusing their dishes with diverse cultural influences, they create unforgettable dining experiences. Arlene's journey from first-generation American to culinary champion and co-owner of Killer Spice is a testament to her passion and resilience.